This Is Where It All Ends.

Truth,Justice...And How To Build A Better Mouse Trap!

The Useless Information Community
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If you have something to say,say it!...it may be useful to someone,somewhere,somehow!

And even if you dont,do it anyways.Like I said,someone else might find it helpful.

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1.Noone under 18 allowed in community.Some topics may be a bit too "adult" for your eyes(which is ironic seeing as how some kids are smarter than most adults)

Also no offense but if your folks raid your PC and find this along with porn sites,How To Make A Pipe Bomb sites,etc.,I dont wanna be held liable for anything.

2.No trashing of other members but if you do,your smack better have a point and be strong or I'll find you,drag you through the streets and banish you into the firey pits of Hell for ever and ever!

You'll also get banned from the community.

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